BCGE’s Member, Kanbawza Bank Limited (KBZ Bank) Produced Their Third Gender Report through Regional Workplace Gender Equality Assessment – GEARS


Our founding member, KBZ Bank, has successfully completed its third Gender Report through the rigorous regional GEARS Assessment procedure. This exemplifies KBZ Bank’s unwavering commitment to promoting gender equality in the workplace. BCGE is incredibly proud of our founding member’s dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. By undertaking the GEARS assessment and producing their third gender report, KBZ Bank has demonstrated their steadfast commitment to addressing gender imbalances and promoting equitable opportunities for all employees. The bank also compares their WGE progress during these years after this reporting procedure and also within the region.

U Zarni Htun, the Chief People Officer from KBZ Bank said, “At Kanbawza Bank Limited (KBZ Bank), we are deeply committed to fully embrace and foster a more inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued, accepted, supported, and respected. As part of our efforts to promote a gender-balanced workplace and workforce diversity, we conducted gender reporting through the regional GEARS assessment to monitor our progress in advancing women’s representation and leadership and ensuring equal opportunities without direct and indirect discrimination. We take great pride in our ongoing commitment to strengthen our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to create a truly inclusive culture where all employees can thrive. By championing these important values, we are working to promote a culture of belonging and innovation that benefits everyone. As the largest financial institution in the country, we are proud of providing a consistent supply of capital to individuals and businesses across the country. With our commitment to sustainability and inclusive growth, we set up a corporate governance framework to ensure that our activities have a positive social and environmental impact. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to BCGE for their continued partnership in this initiative. Together, we are taking meaningful steps to build a more inclusive and equitable workplace for all.”

GEARS, a regional-level assessment, was developed between four business coalitions, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam, with support from WGEA, and Australia to address the Workplace Gender Equality requirements of businesses in the region. It helps organisations understand their workplace gender equality status in their strategies and practices throughout the journey. It includes analysing the gender proportion of employees at five levels of responsibility, talent movements, reflection on strategies and practices in 10 Workplace Gender Equality areas, as well as providing insights and recommendations to inform the development of the organisation’s overarching workplace gender equality strategy. GEARS means Gender Equality Assessment Results and Strategies and GEARS Assessment and Gender Reporting is one of the benefits of being a BCGE member.