Board Members

Kaung Myat

Board Member

CEO for Pinlon Hospital

Kaung Myat was appointed CEO for Pinlon Hospital in 2016. Since his appointment, the Master of Science Graduate from American University (Washington D.C.) has modernized Pinlon Hospital’s infrastructure and operations to accommodate the rapidly changing healthcare landscape in Yangon. His clear and decisive leadership has seen the implementation of strategic upgrades that have elevated the overall patient care and experience. This has cemented Pinlon Hospital as one of the top private hospitals in Yangon, most notably, in the fields of Oncology, Cardiovascular Surgery and Kidney Transplantation. Building off these successes, his on-going stewardship now sees the introduction of a new Nuclear Medicine facility, the first of its kind from the private sector. This world-class facility, equipped with both PET/CT and SPEC/CT imaging capabilities, has set Pinlon Hospital on-route to becoming a leading healthcare authority in Myanmar.