Who We Are

The Business Coalition for Gender Equality (BCGE) is a non-profit association and also a coalition of companies that are committed to promoting gender equality in the workplace in Myanmar.

Our association is led and founded by seven leading businesses in Myanmar – City Mart Holding Limited (CMHL), KBZ Bank, KBZ MS, AYA Bank, FMI, Parami Energy Group of Companies, and Shwe Taung Group – that have all committed to achieve organizational growth and global sustainable development goals through workplace gender equality initiatives.

BCGE encourages all companies and organizations in the commercial sector to initiate workplace gender equality practices and serves as a center of excellence to support their journey.

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What We Do

A centre of excellence and trusted advisors for the advocacy and promotion of workplace gender equality and women empowerment in the commercial sector by delivering knowledge, training, and technical services to enable the implementation of gender equality policies and practices in the workplace.

To create a more gender-balanced world with inclusive workplaces and equal opportunities to those of all genders and backgrounds.

Strategic Pillars

-Technical Advisory
-Gender Certification and Assessment Tools
-Women’s Participation and Leadership


-Closing the gender pay gap
-Progressing women into leadership and management positions
-Improving gender equality workplace participation
-Ensuring that leaders and managers drive gender equality
-Investing in family – friendly working conditions