Gender Equality Assessments

We offer a range of assessments to suit your organization’s needs, wherever you may be in your workplace gender equality journey!


(Gender Equality Assessment, Results, and Strategies)

GEARS is regional level diagnostic tool developed by BCGE and Investing in Women in partnership with the Australian Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) to help businesses understand gaps, opportunities and strengths of their current strategies in relation to workplace gender equality (WGE). It is a step in their WGE journey; a light touch investment to provide insights that will inform the development of WGE actions.

Know Your WGE

(Workplace Gender Equality)

Know Your WGE is an initial mini-assessment developed by the BCGE as a baseline assessment for member firms. Know Your WGE provides a brief snapshot of where your organization is on the workplace gender equality journey and is a must for any organization that is a member of BCGE.