Gender Equality Assessments

We offer a range of assessments to suit your organization’s needs, wherever you may be in your workplace gender equality journey!


(Gender Equality Assessment, Results, and Strategies)

A regional-level assessment was developed between four business coalitions, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam, with support from WGEA, and Australia to address the Workplace Gender Equality requirements of businesses in the region. It helps organisations understand their workplace gender equality status in their strategies and practices throughout the journey. It includes analysing the gender proportion of employees at five levels of responsibility, talent movements, reflection on strategies and practices in 10 Workplace Gender Equality areas, as well as providing insights and recommendations to inform the development of the organisation’s overarching workplace gender equality strategy. GEARS means Gender Equality Assessment Results and Strategies and GEARS Assessment and Gender Reporting is one of the benefits of being a BCGE member.

Know Your WGE

(Workplace Gender Equality)

A National-Level Workplace Gender Equality Assessment developed by a regional D&I award-winning thought leader, local gender and D&I experts, and HR Leads to capture the implementing practices and processes in the inclusivity and equality journey of organisations. It highlights the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and areas for growth for organisations through 11 Workplace Gender Equality areas, and the talent movements across five levels of responsibilities, to achieve their Vision. This initial Workplace Gender Equality Assessment make realise organisaitons understand where they are now in their equitable and inclusive journey. Know Your WGE stands for Know Your Workplace Gender Equality.