WGE and DEI Training and Services 

BCGE offers a range of trainings and workshops to help integrate gender equality into the workplace with practical tools and resources.

We believe in engaged learning, which is why our trainings are designed to be interactive and highly participatory for the best learning outcomes. Our trainers include highly experienced gender, diversity and inclusion specialists.

Training, Talk & Workshop

-D&I 101

-Combating Unconscious Bias

-Tackling Workplace Harassment

-Embracing Inclusive Leadership

-Fostering A Workplace for All

-Exploring Social and Cultural Norms

-Adopting Inclusive Communications

-Approaching Inclusive Recruitment


-Review Organisation Policy through a Gender Lens

-Flexible Work Arrangement Package

-Advisory services of Equality & Diversity Policies/Guides

-Respectful Workplace Package

-WGE MEL System Establishment

Gender Reporting

EDGE Certification

-The leading global certification for gender equality


-A regional-level diagnostic tool for workplace gender equality

Know Your WGE

-An assessment of the country context to capture the practises

Employee Survey

-Employee Need Assessment/Surveys and Report