Team Members

Hone Paing @ Catherine

Head of Department, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Catherine Hone Paing is currently working as the Head of the Department for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. She has experience working for the Women Enterprise Development and Economic Empowerment Program, collaborating with Indigenous women associations from diverse regions across the country in the Social Enterprise sector and for women of microfinance groups’ entities (known as self-help groups in the community) for several years in the NGO sector. She conducted an independent research study on self-help groups and their roles in women’s empowerment while pursuing a Master’s program in sustainable development practices with a focus of study on gender equality and social inclusion at the TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi, India. She also had the privilege of working as an intern for the Nepal Development Research Institute in the field of women and livelihood.

With rich learning in research and work experience in NGOs and Social Enterprises, she has developed and contributed her managerial skills as well as technical skills with different stakeholders from Government, civil organizations, and social enterprises. As a diploma holder in Strengthening the Capacity of Civil Society, she is also actively involved in organizational development. Personally, she is kind, loving, and approachable, and at work, she is hard-working, dedicated and trustworthy. In short, she is not just a dreamer, but a believer and an innovator for women’s empowerment toward a fair and equal society.