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Data-driven Change in Workplace Gender Equality (WGE): Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

Background The Business Coalition for Gender Equality (BCGE) is a coalition of companies committed to promoting gender equality in the workplace in Myanmar. BCGE is led and founded by seven prominent businesses committed to achieving organizational growth and global sustainable development goals (SDGs) through workplace gender equality (WGE) initiatives. BCGE aims to be a center […]

Unconscious Bias at the Workplace Training Launch

BCGE is pleased to announce the launch of our highly anticipated training Combating Unconscious Bias at the Workplace, as part of training series developed by BCGE. Participants will have a deeper understanding through practical discussion identifying (15) common types of unconscious biases that exist in individual and professional lives and bringing them to the surface […]

BCGE’s HR Club Launch: Best Practices for a Safe and Happy Workplace


BCGE is pleased to announce the launch of our highly anticipated HR Club! The HR Club is a bi-monthly learning event bringing together HR practitioners and people managers to share best practices across a range of workplace gender equality-related topics. In our inaugural session as part of our 16 Days Campaign, we’ll focus on how […]