Board Members

Jayson R. Sardido

Board Member

Jayson R. Sardido is a leader with a strong professional journey spanning over 20 years, marked by significant contributions to renowned multinational companies in the Philippines and Myanmar. Currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer, aka Chief Encouragement Officer of Coca-Cola Pinya Beverages Myanmar (CCPBM), Jayson is driving the company’s mission to Refresh, Bring Happiness, Create Magical Moments, and Make a Difference for Myanmar.

Prior to assuming the role of CEO at CCPBM in 2023 May, Jayson spent four years as the Chief Finance Officer, playing an instrumental role in collaboration with CCPBM leaders to navigate the business through various challenges, resulting in a remarkable turnaround towards growth. He is a people-first leader with a strong passion for people development, dedicated to fostering inclusiveness of diverse talents and actively supporting individuals in achieving their best selves in both their professional and personal journeys. As he guides the business in Myanmar towards sustainable growth, Jayson is also committed to ensuring the creation of a positive and long-term difference for the community.

Jayson holds a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from the Philippine Christian University Manila and a Master’s in Business Administration from De La Salle University Manila. He is also an alumnus of the Senior Management Program at Cambridge University Judge Business School. Jayson is married to Meicel A. Sardido, and they have three wonderful daughters: Jayziel, Jamei, and Jeia.