BCGE’s Member, Alpha Power Engineering, Completed Their Second Gender Reporting as an Inclusive Firm in STEM


BCGE’s Implementer-tier member, Alpha Power Engineering, completed their second gender reporting as an Inclusive Firm in STEM in January 2023.

Alpha Power Engineering issued its first gender report in 2019 and has since completed three action plans based on three workplace gender equality topics: recruitment and selection, gender mainstreaming and responsiveness, and anti-harassment, anti-bullying, & non-discrimination.

“At Alpha Power Engineering, we value the work contributions of all our employees, including those of different genders. We are committed to creating an ethical, respectful and fair environment where everyone is respected and valued. Through the national Know Your WGE gender reporting, we want to contribute to advancing the workplace gender equality agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. We thank BCGE for helping us envision our goals and action plan.”

Taking Additional Measurements

Upon completing its second gender reporting, Alpha Power Engineering re-committed to three action plans to improve and strengthen its internal infrastructure from the assessment reporting result and strategic Diversity, Equity & Inclusion aspiration and advancement and enlisting the support from BCGE.

Additionally, they worked to upgrade Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy, form relevant committees and communicate with employees internally.

Defining Business Principles for the Workforce

Amidst adversity for Myanmar workplaces, Alpha Power sets strategic priorities to advance their WGE journey for the short-term and long-term.

Executive Director, Ma Thuzar Win, explains:

“As the Executive Director of an inclusive STEM firm, diversity and inclusion are crucial to our company’s success and growth. Having a mix of people from different backgrounds, including men and women, can bring different perspectives and ideas to the table. This helps us find better solutions and make better decisions.”

Through its gender report, Alpha Power works to define its business principles that truly reflect its workforce and cements a groundbreaking role as an inclusive STEM firm.

BCGE’s Gender Reporting Through Know Your WGE Assessment

BCGE provides gender reporting to our members through the Know Your WGE assessment. Know Your WGE stands for Know Your Workplace Gender Equality. It is an initial workplace gender equality assessment for organisations or companies to understand where they are now in their equitable and inclusive journey. A regional D&I award-winning thought leader, local gender and D&I experts, and HR Leads designed the assessment to capture equity and inclusion practices, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and areas for growth for businesses or organisations to accomplish their vision. Contact us today to understand how to commit your organisation as a socially responsible firm.