Victoria Hospital achieve EDGE Assess Level Certification


Victoria Hospital has achieved EDGE Assess Level Certification. Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) Certification is the leading global assessment methodology and business certification standard for gender and intersectional equity. It measures where organizations stand in terms of representation, pay equity, the effectiveness of policies and practices to ensure equitable career flows as well as inclusiveness of their culture.

“As a sole enabler in supporting businesses to get the global certification, BCGE is proud to support Victoria Hospital in their journey to get EDGE Assess Level Certification.  As our Leader-tier member, they are an accomplished leader in workplace gender equality policies and practices in Myanmar. EDGE is the highest commitment that an organisation can achieve and we are proud of their exemplary commitment in the healthcare industry,” said Kyawt Kay Thi Win, Country Director of the Business Coalition for Gender Equality.

As part of their EDGE Assess certification, Victoria Hospital committed to an action plan that documents how they will accelerate progress in equal pay policy and practice, recruitment, selection and promotion training, leadership development, training, mentoring and succession, mainstreaming flexible working and support for caring as well as fostering inclusive work culture.

“We, at Victoria Hospital, believe in putting “Quality Care” into action. This motivated us to commit to a better and healthier community – our customers and our employees. To achieve EDGE Assess Level means that we are rigorously committed to an impactful action and accelerate our progress towards an inclusive, equal and diverse workplace. We hope the EDGE process and committed action plan will help us become a model and leading inclusive workplace in the healthcare industry in Myanmar,” said Dr. Aye Aye San, the Chief Executive Officer of Victoria Hospital.

 Victoria Hospital joined BCGE for over 2 years. They are working passionately in transforming their workplaces and empowering employees by enabling an inclusive and equitable workplace for all employees.

Regards to joining the Coalition and being committed to workplace gender equality (WGE), Dr. Aye Aye San explained, “Gender equality in the workplace is not just a cause for us. It is a necessity in the workplace. As an employer, promoting a fair and equal working environment ensures overall business productivity as high as possible. We have to believe in the process and the progress that we are moving towards in the changing world.”

Victoria Hospital was established on 25th June 2011. Its birth was motivated by and anchored on providing advanced and quality healthcare services to the citizens through the combined and dedicated hands of the medical and non-medical experts in the field. Its unassuming and forward-looking disposition has shaped the hospital as one of the leading hospitals in Myanmar, gaining recognition as a respected and trusted healthcare partner and service provider.