Empowering Inclusive Workplaces: Joining to the Celebration of the Reopening of Early Childhood Daycare Center by KBZ Bank


We are excited to embarked on a groundbreaking initiative centered around the care economy, a pivotal aspect of fostering inclusive workplaces and societies. As part of this endeavor, we are delighted to share a recent achievement that underscores our dedication. Our founding member organisation, Kanbawza Bank Limited, has successfully reopened one of the flagship Early Childhood Daycare Center with our unwavering support. This accomplishment exemplifies the collaborative efforts we are making to create equitable and inclusive workplaces. The reopening ceremony on August 10, marked a truly special moment and our Country Director, Daw Kyawt Kay Thi Win, delivered an inspiring speech, shedding light on the profound impact of early childhood education in shaping our future. The event unfolded with the introduction of the Daycare Center, offering an enchanting virtual tour of the enhanced facilities. The engaging session included an interactive Q&A segment, uniting parents and teachers in insightful conversations. BCGE is proud to be part of this reopening process of daycare center of KBZ Bank as an advisory role.

For organisations aspiring to establish daycare centres and champion work-life balance, we’re here to guide and support for any advisory needed. Feel free to reach out to us and embark on a journey of fostering gender equality, equitable and inclusive workplaces.