Highlighting Stereotypes in Workplaces with Canal+ Myanmar Limited 


The “Equitable Workplace” video Canal+ Myanmar produced in collaboration with us, BCGE, exemplifies breaking down social norms and stereotypes while promoting an inclusive working environment for all. It is the first-ever breaking social norms video in which you need to invest just 5 minutes. In a world where norms and stereotypes can often hinder progress toward gender equality, our collaboration with Canal+ Myanmar undoubtedly brings a positive light. The video was aired for two months from August to October on seven Canal+ channels and is currently available on Canal+ application. By watching and sharing, you’re contributing to the cause of gender equality and inclusivity. We invite all our members and supporters to watch the video and join in the conversation it sparks. Stay with us for more updates and initiatives as we persist in our journey toward a more equitable and inclusive future. Watch the video here!