Launching a new Workplace Anti-Harassment and Bullying Policy at Proximity Designs


Proximity Designs, an Implementor Member of BCGE, is dedicated to providing a welcoming, comfortable, and respectful work environment free from any type of sexual harassment and other forms of workplace harassment for all its workers.

Their employee code of conduct includes sections on preventing harassment and bullying. However, the firm collaborated with BCGE to create a distinct workplace anti-harassment and bullying policy to encourage inclusive workplace culture and better safeguard employees.

Yamin Myo Nyunt, Head of People’s Operations at Proximity Designs, explain:

“We have always aspired to create a psychologically safe environment free from harassment and bullying for everyone at Proximity. As Proximity has grown over the years, we realized it was time to put into place a proper policy and set of complaint procedures dedicated to this. With BCGE’s support, we were able to accomplish this. With the launch of this policy, we are proud to be an organization that continues to demonstrate our values of Breaking Down Barriers and Working with Joy.”

In July 2022, Proximity formally debuted its policy in English and Myanmar. They established the Grievance Handling Committee in accordance with the policy, with five members representing both genders and various departments.

Proximity Designs has a practice of hosting People Operations office hours whenever a new policy has been launched. This provides employees with the space and opportunity to ask questions about relevant policies. After the launch of the Workplace Anti Harassment and Bullying policy, Proximity hosted a People Operations office hours dedicated to this policy. At this event, employees were also able to hear directly from the committee members.

Additionally, Proximity will provide policy training through their own Proximity School to assist employees in comprehending the reach and implications of the policy.

On Proximity’s successful policy launch, BCGE Country Director Ma Kyawt Kay Thi Win commented:

“We are pleased to observe Proximity’s growth in advancing their formal Workplace Anti-Harassment and Bullying policy. Having an Anti-Harassment, Anti-Bullying and Non-Discrimination Policy within an organisation is wrongly perceived in the market as “if we have that policy, we will have that harassment issues. So, better not to have it”. Witnessing Proximity Design’s bold commitment and active initiation really impresses BCGE and we would like to see them take the stage as a leading firm in diversity, equity, and inclusion in the private community. We at BCGE are pleased to support Proximity and other interested members  as they embark on an inclusive workplace journey.