ROHTO received their gender reporting through regional workplace gender equality assessment – GEARS


We are delighted to announce that ROHTO-MENTHOLATUM Myanmar, has obtained the regional level of GEARS Assessment – for workplace gender equality. This shows Rohto-Mentholatum Myanmar’s commitment to taking a step forward by committing to equity and inclusivity as an industry leader.

“One of our corporate governance pillars is assessments. We believe in using the right tool to produce an assessment result that can supplement our efficiency and accuracy. We are happy to get the support of BCGE in being assessed the regional tool, Gender Equality Results and Strategy (GEARS), to help us in our decision-making in fostering an inclusive workplace for all employees,” said Sandar Shwe, Managing Director of Rohto-Mentholatum (Myanmar) Company Limited.

Since joining BCGE as an Initiator Member in October 2021, ROHTO-MENTHOLATUM Myanmar has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring all staff members have access to equal opportunities regardless of their background or identity. It set itself apart from others who may not be doing enough to promote diversity in their workforce.

This GEARS assessment helps to understand the current status of the organisation’s workplace gender equality journey in which gender balance and employee movements are revealed and provides insights that will inform the development of the organisation’s overarching workplace gender equality strategy. GEARS assessment is one of the membership benefits for BCGE’s Leader-tier members.