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Thar Tu Nyi Hyma – Workplace Gender Equality Impact Report of BCGE (2018~2021)


Business Coalition for Gender Equality (BCGE) Launches သာတူညီမျှ (Thar Tu Nyi Hyma) Workplace Gender Equality Impact Report of BCGE (2018~2021) in Myanmar

As a centre of excellence and trusted advisor in workplace gender equality, diversity and inclusion in Myanmar’s private sector, BCGE has taken the first step toward fostering an equitable and inclusive workplace with this inaugural report: it highlights our contribution and the various initiatives of our BCGE members in implementing workplace gender equality together between 2018 and 2021. We are deeply indebted to the commitment, dedication and invaluable contributions of our member companies who are part of this  သာတူညီမျှ (Thar Tu Nyi Hyma).

The impact report offers a structured approach to workplace gender equality (WGE) that can help organizations deliver tangible results. The report also explores the gender inequalities that persist in Myanmar’s workplaces, despite progress in other areas. The report provides evidence-based findings for why gender equality matters in the workplace, and offers practical tips for achieving greater gender balance and diversity. Assessing how companies perform on gender equality is also a critical aspect of the report. 

This WGE impact report is a valuable resource for businesses, policymakers, and advocates who are committed to advancing gender equality in the workplace. It provides a roadmap for creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce, and offers evidence-based strategies for achieving meaningful change. Download the report and join us in advancing gender equality in Myanmar’s workplaces.