KSTL LIMITED (KST Legal) Produced Their First Gender Report through National Workplace Gender Equality Assessment – Know Your WGE


KSTL LIMITED (KST Legal), an initiator-member of BCGE, recently produced their First Gender Report through National Workplace Gender Equality Assessment – Know Your WGE in May 2023. BCGE takes great pride in our initiator member’s unwavering dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. By participating in the National Workplace Gender Equality Assessment, KSTL LIMITED (KST Legal) has demonstrated their ongoing commitment to promoting inclusivity and ensuring equal opportunities for all employees. We eagerly anticipate supporting KSTL LIMITED (KST Legal) in their pursuit of creating the environment that can support the development of the people without having any gender discrimination and provide the opportunity regardless of the background of each individual.

BCGE’s Know Your WGE Gender Report is a comprehensive and unique document which recognises Workplace Gender Equality practices of organisations during a set timeframe, encourages to develop and implement activities and programs to achieve the Workplace Gender Equality Vision of organisaitons, realises the movements of talents linked with Workplace Gender Equality areas, and creates benchmarks for progress for equitable and inclusivity journey. It also marks organisaitons as responsible businesses and Workplace Gender Equality Believers in the competitive market. If you’d like to start gender reporting or have your gender report for your organisation, reach out to info@mbcgea.com or visit to learn more – www.mbcgea.com.

Know Your WGE, a National-Level Workplace Gender Equality Assessment developed by a regional D&I award-winning thought leader, local gender and D&I experts, and HR Leads to capture the implementing practices and processes in the inclusivity and equality journey of organisations. It highlights the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and areas for growth for organisations through 11 Workplace Gender Equality areas, and the talent movements across five levels of responsibilities, to achieve their Vision. This initial Workplace Gender Equality Assessment make realise organisaitons understand where they are now in their equitable and inclusive journey. Know Your WGE stands for Know Your Workplace Gender Equality.